Here in the studio there's rarely a quiet moment. One of the projects that has kept me busy this summer has been design of a content-rich web site for global energy services company Energys Group.

Once again I've been working alongside the team at Content Coms in Bristol. They were charged with the delivery of this 'web overhaul' for their long-term client. And they asked me to take care of the design aspect of the project.

The brief to me was very clear: 'We need a web structure that's easy to navigate, looks fantastic and is capable of showcasing the massive amount of content we write for Energys Group.'

However. In reality there was more to this project.

The 'hidden brief' was to create an online presence for Energys Group that gave the company a significant uplift in its corporate profile. You see, Energys Group is a company enjoying significant growth, has a strong client base (including the MoD and BT) and the directors have exciting ambitions for the business.

This was a web design that needed to look as sharp, as precise and as crisp as any offline brochure ware and collateral. These are all things that are embedded in my DNA.

What never fails to amaze me, however, is why this is such an unusual attitude! I simply can't believe how often I see web developers commissioned to design and develop sites - but simply fail to hit the spot in terms of attention to detail. This (negatively) affects every aspect of the brand integrity.

The question is why?

I suspect it's because many companies simply don't realise that the same level of detail is possible online as it is in print. As such, they don't push their web developers (who usually design the site, too) for something that is truly perfect in terms of usability and look and feel. This is a massive mistake and it's something I feel passionately needs to understood and redressed.

When it comes to design for the web, I take a very different approach. I design websites with the same precision and care as I would any offline materials. No detail is too small. No detail is missed. And I make sure that whoever is coding and building the site translates every last detail of my design into an online reality. There's no excuse for accepting anything less.

The good news on the Energys Group project is that the site is now live and the client, and Content Coms,“ are delighted with the outcome. Have a look for yourself and see what you think!

Want to talk detail? Want to explore ways I can create an online presence that's as impressive as your offline presence?
Drop me a line, I'm based in the heart of the Cotswolds, and the coffee's pretty good round here.

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