In a world filled with social media experts, bloggers, vloggers and SEO masterminds, it can be very easy to forget about that old fashioned thing called print.

A picture says a thousand words, except it doesn't really. If you're selling your product or service you wouldn't just send a photo to a potential client. At Mike Garlick Design, we strongly believe in the power of the printed word and how something physical is infinitely more memorable than something viewed on a screen.

Writing itself has never been so popular, blogs have increased from 27 million to 133 million in the last 10 years. If you want to read it's never been easier, you can get your free daily news online, download every book known to mankind onto your device and if you need to find something out you 'Google it!'.

Despite this, in 2016, printed book sales actually rose in the UK by 3% and ebook sales fell by over 2%. It seems there is a drive within the younger generations for the physical book. A story doesn't translate onto a screen as it does on paper, you can feel the words and connect with them. You can take them with you in so many ways.

We believe the same is true with marketing material. Yes, a really great website is imperative and a social media presence is necessary, but it shouldn't stop there.

There is nothing that quite compares to having your marketing in print. A brochure, a leaflet or even a hardback book.

A beautiful piece of print work impacts so many of the senses, not just visually. You experience the touch of the paper, the embossed lettering, the glorious smell of the ink and the crisp sound of turning pages.

Make it a piece of artwork.

Have a look at one of our hard back books, a a beautifully crafted and bound testimony to a project that deserved something extra special.

By giving your clients a real and lasting memory of who you are, they can take it with them and pick it back up whenever they need.

Our good friends and collaborators over at Content Coms would agree with us, providing top notch content and words to engage and inspire.

Want to find out how micro brochures can make a big impact in your business? Looking for new ideas for big, bold, exciting marketing collateral?
Drop us a line. Or let's meet for a coffee. We're based in the heart of the Cotswolds, so a coffee with a view is always possible.

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